Who are SINGERCISE and how could you help me?


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What is an Initial Vocal Assessment?

An initial assessment is a very thorough 1.5 - 2 hour session (approximately) where you and your coach will meet for the first time online. One thing that we are really particular about is making sure our training is thorough and 100% specific to you as an artist. Our initial assessment will last a maximum of 2 hours minimum 1.5 hours. This will help your coach to really accurately identify and assess the strengths and weakness in your existing vocal habits and set targets to ensure your vocal training is effective and your stage confidence improved.


The Student Center Login:

What is it?

This a online system that allows you to have total control over your lesson bookings, cancellations and reschedules. This system also allows you to keep up-to-date with your lesson hourly counts.

How does it work?

Once you book your online lessons via the 'Book It' button you will be asked to sign up as a student. Please follow the steps to create your Student account (email username & Password) and book your lessons as you wish.

Please note that lessons are booked by the hour. If you would like a longer session please book again to hold the hourly lesson spaces that you require.

How do I book more lessons?

To book more lessons within your hourly allowance. Log into the Student Center and click 'My Bookings'. Then click the downward arrow that will reveal the option 'Book again'




























The Booking system is playing up!

Try a different web browser (Safari, Web Explorer, Chrome) if you are still encountering problems please let us know at: singerciseuk@gmail.com and we will help you set up your student login manually.

What can I expect from lessons?

Lessons can be conducted on a one-to-one basis or as a group. Your coach will be personal to you throughout your vocal journey and will use a series of methods to help you achieve vocal and performance advancement. If you encounter difficulties outside of lessons the Singercise Online School is a fun and interactive video training tool that will help you in your practice throughout the week.


Do you do home lessons?

Unfortunately not. However if you are a recording artist who needs assistance whilst recording your vocals, whilst on tour or song writing in the studio just let us know and we will arrange on-site assistance to be there with you. 

Unfortunately we do not offer home one-to-one training but we do offer Skype and Face-Time lessons which are a powerful tool for vocal advancement allowing you to reach your vocal goals from the comfort of you own home.


How long should lessons be and how regularly do I need them?

Lessons are typically 2 hours long. We advise weekly lessons. When it comes to vocal advancement consistency really is key, we help make that consistent training as enjoyable, effective and rewarding a process for you as possible. If you are not able to have weekly lessons with your coach, DON'T WORRY the Singercise Online School is a fun and interactive video training tool that will give you vocal lessons as often as you would like.


Who will  be teaching me?

We currently have a team of very competent vocal coaches some of whom are also award winning singer/songwriters who have experience performing on stages across the world.


Where are lessons held?

Coaching lessons are held anywhere in the world, this is the beauty of online coaching. We have taught singers from America, Africa, Europe and even Australia! All of our personal coaching sessions are held via Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp call. 


Do you do online teaching?


Yes we have taught over 500 students online in places as widespread as America, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, The Netherlands, Swizerland, Australia, London, Ireland, Newcastle and Birmingham.


Are Skype/Facetime lessons effective?

Absolutely! A lot of our very busy and high profile clients prefer online lessons as it fits incredibly well into their varied schedules. Plus you get to improve in the comfort of your own home which many people find highly advantageous. We believe online lessons are a very powerful and effective tool for vocal advancement.


How long do I need to take lessons to see results?

Results are directly linked to personal pratice. We will give you all the tools in your lessons to ensure that you are practising great vocal techniques. Naturally, the more you practice these techniques the quicker you will find that you are achieving your desired sound.


How many lessons should I book?

We always say the more you can comfortably book the better especially as this is a more cost effective method. The more hours you book in one go the cheaper each hour of training is.


Do you have links with record labels and management companies?

We are linked with a number of management and label houses and are happy to forward and refer talent that we think is ready to go to the next level. Many of the people we have referred have gone of to be signed by major labels and have even been nominated for MOBO & Urban Music Awards. See our artist development section for more details.


Do you help people who don't want to be artists?

Absolutely, many people who come for lessons may not have the desire to pursue careers as singers but simply have the desire for self advancement. Singing lessons and performance training are also great tools for building self-esteem and personal self-confidence.

What is the Singercise Online School?

The Singercise Online School is an exceptional learning tool that offers you vocal lessons and motivational seminars WHENEVER YOU WANT THEM! Loaded with 20+ online video courses 100+ singing video tutorials and much more, this fun and interactive learning is presented by award-winning Recording Artist and Celebrity Vocal Coach, Rachel Kerr who teaches you all the secret tricks and tips to a powerful singing voice. SEE MORE >>

When Does This Lessons expire?

3 months after purchase.


*We advise you being in agreement with our terms and conditions before payment. Payment will counts as you agreeing to our terms and conditions of service.


  • Lessons last a minimum of one hour. You can schedule in longer lessons should you wish to.

  • Please note that we do not offer refunds once funds have been paid.

  • Should you wish for lessons to be held elsewhere, this may be arranged at an extra charge.

  • Payment will be taken to confirm/book your lesson.

  • Late arrivals will not result in recouped time. Please plan your journey carefully and ensure a solid wifi connection to ensure you arrive to your scheduled online lesson on time.

  • Lesson cancellations and reschedule requests must be notified 48 hours in writing before the most recently confirmed scheduled lesson, or you will forfeit the fee of your lesson without further notification.

  • Lessons are to be used before the stated expiry or will be lost (3 months from payment date). This is strictly enforced to ensure progress.

  • As travelling professionals some of your vocal tutors will require lesson flexibility according to their schedules.

  • Results are directly linked with personal practise.



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